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This is the story of a being called Vito.

Vito needs your help! During a short period of negligence, Vito's best friend, a little dog, got kidnapped. Follow a trace of bones and join Vito on his journy to find the kidnapper of his friend.

Solve physics based puzzles, use cannons to overcome distances, jump on enemies to destroy them and collect power ups to make Vito fly or sticky.

Vito Jump 'n' Roll is a physics based jump 'n' run platformer with various puzzles and obstacles.

Finish the story mode to unlock the time trial mode and compete with your friends.

Hint: Watch what Vito does when he's bored.



✓ 30 rich in variety levels

✓ Various puzzles

✓ Challenging obstacles

✓ Mean boss fights

✓ Funny power ups like wings or glue

✓ Cannons

✓ Achievements

✓ Leaderboards

✓ Story mode

✓ Time trial mode

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